Creating a new feature or solution for your software can be a daunting, expensive task. From creating the concept of the general idea to finding and allocating enough resources to make it happen, launching a new solution takes a serious amount of time and money. If you are looking to add a new feature to your platform, a white label solution can save you time and money. You can also launch the new feature to your customers faster. 

The Hard Work is Already Done

One of the biggest challenges of creating a new feature is planning and development. A time-consuming process for many different stakeholders, planning and scoping the needs for the new development can take months or even years to get right. With a white label solution, the hardest part is already done. For a company like Convrrt, we’ve created a solution that is easily implemented into other software. The only heavy lifting required for you is the implementation of our solution into your platform – which can be done in 30 days. 

Ready to Use

After the implementation stage, the new feature is ready to use and ready to promote. A new feature like a landing page builder can help boost customer satisfaction and improve retention. Once you’ve started the implementation process of your white label solution, you can start touting the enhancement to your customers and you’ll have peace of mind that it will be launched in a timely manner. With a custom-built solution, you can often run into issues that delay the launch and can be aggravating to your customers. 

The Benefits are Ongoing

Now that you’ve implemented a white label solution, you can rest assured knowing that the benefits will continue. The landing page builder will get new features as Convrrt develops new solutions and those enhancements can be passed directly to your customers with ease. The white-label solution also requires minimal maintenance from your team. You can rely on Convrrt’s team of developers to handle the big stuff. 

Finding a white-label solution for your platform is a simple and effective way to add new features for your customers. By adding a landing page builder to your product suite, your customers rely on you for one more aspect of their top-of-funnel experience.

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