5 Things Your Customers Get with Our Landing Page Builder

When you implement a white label solution, you’re passing the benefits of that solution to your customers. You’ll offer a new solution that’s impressive to your customers and doesn’t drain your team’s resources. What are the benefits that they will see when you implement a landing page builder? 

Grid-based design

Creating stunning landing pages can be a difficult task. With Convrrt, we’ve created a grid-based builder that helps your customers create impressive landing pages that generate leads. The grid-based design allows any expertise to create landing pages that look professional and amplify your customer’s brand. 

Customized to their brand

Speaking of brand, our white label builder allows your customers to customize every element to their brand standards. Brand consistency is important to every company and we made sure that we take it seriously. They can customize fonts, colors, logos and more to make sure that every landing page complements the brand equity that they’ve created. 

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Easy to publish and fast to load

Once they’ve created a page with the grid-based builder and they’ve incorporated their brand elements, they are ready to publish the landing page. With Convrrt, they can easily set-up custom URLs or use URLs they have already created. Customized to every element, you can change the URL, publish the page and see how it is optimized to load quickly on any device. 

Designed for all devices

Potential customers are interacting with your website and landing pages on a variety of devices. It’s important that every page you create is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices for the best experience. Convrrt’s landing page solution ensures that your designs will look great on any device. 

As you create landing pages, it is important that you can easily change SEO keywords, meta titles, tags and more. Not to mention, you may not want Google to crawl your landing page and for it to show up in search engines. Customized SEO solutions are included inside the Convrrt builder. Easily turn off SEO, enhance keywords and update meta descriptions with our white label landing page builder

Next steps 

Your customers will be more than impressed when you introduce them to your latest landing page solution, built into your platform. Pass down these incredible benefits to your customer with our easy API integration and white label offering. Adding a solution to your product suite is great for increasing SaaS MRR and customer development.


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