What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Why Does It Matter to SaaS Companies?

Nothing lasts forever—and no, that’s not just a line in an emo kid’s diary. All things have an expiration date, including your customer relationships.  No matter how amazing your SaaS products are and how well you serve your customers, there eventually comes a time (could be two months after signing up, could be on their […]

7 Effective Lead Generation Techniques

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and digital marketing provides an astounding array of lead generation techniques that didn’t exist until relatively recently. If you’re looking to gather new leads from prospective clients (and who isn’t?), the following lead generation techniques are among the most effective. #1 Landing Pages A landing page is a […]

7 SaaS Metrics Every MarTech Leader Should Track

Facts and figures are no substitute for visionary leadership and big picture analysis—but they do form the building blocks of intelligent, strategic decision making. Data-driven SaaS and MarTech leaders rely on certain metrics to inform their marketing efforts, adjusting the four P’s of marketing (Price, Product, Promotions, and Placement) based on what the data tells […]

What Is a Sales Funnel?

When you’re selling a product—any product—it pays to understand who you’re trying to reach and how close they are to making a buying decision. With this in mind, a sales funnel is a model that helps marketers consider where customers are in the buying process. That way, they can tailor their messaging to reach the […]

4 Reasons Why Every CRM Needs a Landing Page Builder in 2020

Over the past two decades since Salesforce launched the first SaaS-based CRM, the role of CRM software has evolved to meet more and more customer needs. For example, nobody imagined back in the year 2000 that cloud-based CRM’s would one day handle all the nuanced details of email marketing, but today nobody can imagine a […]

5 Link Building Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Try as we might outsmart search engines, Google and its competitors have only one job. Their sole mission is to deliver relevant search results — and they’re very good at it. Link building you ranks you higher for the right searches, leading to direct revenue. Search engines figure out whether you’re worth featuring in their […]

Long-form landing pages vs short-form landing pages

Writing marketing content can be a very stressful task, everything is riding on the content that you develop and release. There are many ways to write things, but not all styles are appropriate for each message. We here at Convrrt have found that there are two major writing styles that has helped with marketing content development. In […]

Get the most out of your one time offer (OTO)

Running promotions can be a great way to attract additional businesses. We here at Convrrt understand that there are many different methods out there to use, let us help you understand one time offers, and how to get the most out of them. When something is exclusive, scarce, or in high demand, it becomes more desirable. Whether […]

How to Oversubscribe on Your Next Webinar

In the past few years, webinars have become a very important source of knowledge sharing, handling customer queries, and generating new leads for your product or service. The real challenge is getting people interested in your webinar, and excited enough to register and actually show up. It is your job as the webinar host, to […]