6 BeeFree Alternatives: Discover the Best Landing Page Builder

Compare the top alternatives to BeeFree embedded page builder SDK.

Seeking an alternative to BeeFree is common among product leaders at SaaS companies. Why? They’re not thrilled with all the effort required to benefit from its page builder platform.

At the end of the day, product teams want a landing page builder that seamlessly integrates embeddability, comprehensiveness, and affordability is a common goal for business owners and managers.

This article serves as a guide for BeeFree alternatives, key features, pricing structures, and limitations of each platform. By the end, you’ll be much more informed on which solution is a suitable alternative for your needs.

Limitations of BeeFree.io

It’s important to take stock that BeeFree is primarily an email editor and a page builder second. Managing emails is entirely different from landing pages that need to capture demand from millions of visitors.

While BeeFree has received reviews from many customers, there are significant limitations that have prompted some users to explore alternative solutions. Some of these will be discussed below with instances cited from customers’ experiences:

Limited customer support

One of the major limitations of BeeFree is its micro customer support window, which has resulted in its inability to meet customers’ demands, clarify confusion, and resolve issues.

In the words of Amanda who is a marketing coordinator in the US her customer service experience with BeeFree.io is the worst she has ever had. Not only did it take days for them to respond but still the issues she raised were never resolved.  

Beefree customer review - one star.
<em>via <a href=httpswwwcapterracouksoftware215538bee pro target= blank rel=noopener nofollow title=Capterra><strong>Capterra<strong><a><em>

Another customer also lamented the lack of professionalism and prolonged delays in receiving assistance from BeeFree’s customer support. Although the customer had made a formal complaint, the issues were not resolved.

Extremely poor customer service
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Cost is another limitation that has been identified with BeeFree when compared to other page builders.

For instance, BeeFree’s least charged fee is a fixed price of $30 per month, while other BeeFree competitors like Convrrt have a range of configurable prices that allow organizations to pay as low as $0.50 per site depending on the selected plan.

Difficult to create and organize folders

The inability to create subfolders for proper file organization is another limitation of BeeFree, as enumerated by several clients.

A small business owner specifically complained about the inability to group the images used for email creation in a new folder for proper identification.

Another client also lamented being unable to modify an email’s name within a folder.

For another client in the Construction business, the organization process on BeeFree could be clearer, also the fact that there is a limited range of marketing templates from which to make their choice is a major headache.

BeeFree Alternatives That Add More Value to Your Product

Having considered the limitations of BeeFree, other popular platforms have better offers that offer perfect solutions to the limitations of BeeFree, thereby making them viable alternatives. Let’s take a look at the first one:

1) Convrrt

Convrrt unleashes the full potential of customization for SaaS companies who desire personalized design and a unique customer journey. It provides a page builder solution with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can easily be merged with whatever work tools or design systems you use.

It makes publishing content a breeze for product teams. No coding is required, just drag and drop, and customize with cool templates. Additionally, Convrrt is easy to use for everyone, from newbies to pros, empowering your team to guide customers smoothly.

Key features

Below are more of the unique Convrrt features:

  1. Responsive designs: enables you to deploy custom landing pages both on mobile and desktop platforms without any hassle.
  2. Built-in SEO: This excludes the bulky plugins found in others.
  3. Cloud infrastructure: adheres to PCI, SOC 2, and GDPR standards to guarantee robust security for your data.
  4. 99.999% Uptime: This results in top-notch reliability and only a minimal downtime of about 5.26 minutes per year.
  5. Integration Option: The user interface can be merged or integrated with other platforms for easy workflows.
  6. User roles: This helps to define what actions or functionalities each user is allowed to perform.
  7. White-Label Solutions: enables clients to brand websites as theirs.


Convrrt offers three flexible pricing plans:

PlanPriceBest ForCore Features
GrowthFreeIdeal for micro-projects– 10 live sites
– 3 data integrations
– 5 AI-enhanced site
– Minor Convrrt Branding
Pay As You GrowConfigurable  plan (as low as $0.50 per site)Ideal for SaaS product teams– Growth plan services, plus:
– Exclusive support
– Initial setup assistance
– Development and testing environments (pay $500 more)
– Enterprise-level dashboard
– No Convrrt watermark
CustomDiscounted pricing planBest for large-scale, personalized uses– Webhook accessibility
– Volume discounts available
– Tailored tooling and API access
– Assigned account management
– Top-tier support
– Feature flags
– Comprehensive app UI control


A limitation of Convrrt is its focus on SaaS companies whereas others appeal to more mainstream end-users. However, Convrrt is the preferred platform for landing page creation for SaaS companies and a perfect solution for companies in this space.

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2) Unlayer

Unlayer landing page builder
<strong>Source<strong> Unlayer

Unlayer offers a comprehensive suite of services centered around professional-looking email and landing page creation. Its all-in-one email design platform enables you to generate beautiful emails that are versatile and responsive extending its functionality to landing page creation.

Notably, Unlayer provides an SDK, requiring SaaS companies to code their builder. This approach runs counter to the whole purpose of using a third-party page builder. While you have more control, you also have much more of a tech burden as well.

Key features

  1. Drag-and-Drop Editor: Empowers users with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor for easy and seamless page building. It’s stronger at email than landing pages, from what we’ve seen.
  2. Collaboration Features: Fosters teamwork by providing robust collaboration features that enhance collective productivity.
  3. Customizable Templates: Offers a variety of customizable templates, allowing users to tailor designs to their specific needs effortlessly.
  4. Responsive Display: Ensures a responsive display, enabling optimal user experiences across various devices and screen sizes.
  5. Image Customization: Provides tools for easy and effective customization of images.
  6. Tailored SDK Integration Capabilities: Developer-driven integration with tailored SDK capabilities to customize the user experience.


Unlayer has three major pricing plans

  1. The free plan which has limited access
  2. The designer plan at $15 per month but doesn’t include dynamic content and user roles
  3. The team plan at $30 per month with full access


  1. Limited Storage Space Add-On: Users should be mindful of the limited storage space initially provided, with the option for add-ons, which may incur additional costs (G2).
  2. Expensive Add-On Fee: It’s important to note that the add-on fees are relatively expensive, potentially affecting the overall cost of utilizing the platform (G2).
  3. Inability to Create Dynamic Templates: One limitation is the platform’s inability to create dynamic templates, which might be a crucial feature for users seeking dynamic content presentations (G2).
  4. Difficulty in Navigating UI: Users may encounter challenges in navigating the user interface, potentially impacting the overall user experience and efficiency (G2).

3) Duda

Duda landing page builder
<strong>Source<strong> Duda

Duda is a dynamic web design platform, designed for businesses, agencies, and freelancers to effortlessly create visually stunning and responsive websites. Offering an intuitive interface, it empowers users to craft compelling online experiences seamlessly.

Additionally, Duda provides a robust set of tools, including a powerful drag-and-drop editor and responsive design features, ensuring websites look great on various devices.

Key features

  1. Responsive Website Design: Duda offers responsive website design, ensuring optimal display and functionality across various devices, and enhancing user experiences.
  2. Widget and App Marketplace: Access a diverse marketplace of widgets and apps, allowing users to easily enhance their landing pages with additional features and functionalities.
  3. SEO Tool: Integrated SEO tools empower users to optimize their landing pages for search engines, improving visibility and attracting organic traffic.
  4. White Label: Duda provides a white-label solution, enabling users to brand their landing pages and websites as their own, fostering a professional and customized appearance.
  5. AI Assistant: Utilize an AI assistant within the platform, offering intelligent insights and suggestions to streamline the landing page creation process.
  6. Content Library: Access a comprehensive content library, facilitating the easy incorporation of various media elements and pre-designed content for efficient and creative page building.


Duda has five pricing plans along with a 14-day free trial for potential customers (duda):

  1. The basic plan is $25 per month with access to one site and AWS hosting
  2. The team plan is $39 per month and allows for up to three team members
  3. The agency plan is $69 per month and allows up to six team members
  4. the white label plan at $199 per month with personalized branding and six teams
  5. Lastly, they have the custom plan which comes at a discounted price made available when you contact customer support.


  • Clients have occasionally experienced glitches which has led to some frustrating moments (G2).
  • Some of the features are often outdated when compared to current design trends (G2).
  • Customer support response can sometimes be tardy and slow when working with external plugins (G2).
  • Essential widgets necessary to enhance client solutions are currently missing (G2).

4) Simvoly

Simvoly landing page builder
<strong>Source<strong> Simvoly

Simvoly is a versatile website builder that enables individuals and businesses to create professional-looking websites and email campaigns without extensive technical knowledge. Simvoly simplifies the design process, allowing users to customize templates or start from scratch.

Key features

  1. Professionally Designed Website Templates: These templates offer users a starting point for visually appealing and functional websites.
  2. Sales Funnel Functionality: Benefit from built-in sales funnel functionality that optimizes sales processes for products or services.
  3. CRM Capability: Enables users to manage customer relationships effectively while enhancing communication and business processes.
  4. Personalized Domains: Personalize your online presence with unique domains for a memorable brand identity.
  5. Sales Analytics and Reporting: Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools.
  6. SEO Design Tools: Simvoly offers SEO design tools to optimize websites for search engines for improved visibility and organic traffic.
  7. Advanced Automation Features: Leverage advanced automation features to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency in various aspects of website management and marketing.


Simvoly has four categorized price plans and a 14-day free trial;

  1. Personal plan at $18 per month
  2. Business plan at $36 per month
  3. Growth plan at $69 per month
  4. Pro plan at $179 per month

Each of these plans gives you access to the landing page builder, drag-and-drop email builder, Funnels, e-commerce, etc, although the degree of access varies from zero to unlimited across plans.


  1. Limited payments custom integration in certain operating areas (G2).
  2. The mobile view page editor is outdated (G2).
  3. Limited features and design integrations (G2).

5) Landingi

Landingi page builder
Source Landingi

Landingi is a powerful landing page builder designed to streamline the creation and optimization of high-converting landing pages.

Key features

  1. Custom Form Builder: Landingi offers a custom form builder that allows users to create tailored forms that suit their specific lead generation needs.
  2. A/B Testing Capability: This functionality helps to experiment with different elements and optimize landing pages for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Collaborative Functionality: Collaborative features that make it easy for multiple users to work together on landing page projects.
  4. Lead Management: enables users to efficiently organize, track, and nurture leads generated through landing pages.
  5. Robust Analytics Features: Gain valuable insights into the performance of landing pages, helping users make informed decisions.
  6. AI Assistance: Landingi incorporates AI assistance, offering intelligent insights and recommendations to optimize landing page creation and performance.
  7. Event Tracker: Utilize the event tracker feature to monitor and analyze user interactions, helping to refine strategies and improve the overall user experience.


Landingi has four major price plans;

  1. The Lite plan at $25 per month
  2. The Professional plan at $45 per month
  3. The Agency plan at $119 per month
  4. The Enterprise plan at $1000 per month with unlimited access


  1. Limited Advanced SEO Features: Landingi has limitations in advanced SEO features that potentially affect the ability to fine-tune landing pages for highly competitive search environments (G2).
  2. Inefficiency in Integration Functionalities: Users experience inefficiencies in integration functionalities, which could impact the seamless connection with other tools or platforms (G2).
  3. Clumsy Report-Making Process: The process of creating reports on Landingi is clumsy, potentially leading to challenges in generating and analyzing performance data  (G2).
  4. Difficulty in Multitasking: Users find multitasking on the platform challenging, impacting productivity and the ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously  (G2).

6) Weblium

Weblium landing page builder
Source Weblium

Weblium uses an AI-driven design approach, which leverages artificial intelligence to analyze and provide real-time suggestions for building and improving the website’s design and overall user experience.

Key features

  1. AI Website Builder: Weblium boasts an AI-powered website builder, providing intelligent tools for efficient and personalized website creation.
  2. Pre-built Template Library: Offers a wide range of design options to kickstart their website projects.
  3. SEO Features: It empowers users to optimize their websites for search engines and enhance online visibility.
  4. Analytics and Reporting: enables users to track and analyze website performance for informed decision-making.
  5. Integrations Functionality: It facilitates seamless integration with other tools and platforms that enhance workflows.
  6. Online Stores: The platform supports the creation of online stores, providing features tailored for e-commerce functionality.


Weblium pricing plan can be categorized into two types aside from the free basic plan

  1. The Pro plan at $8.25 for the monthly subscription
  2. Landing Pro at $196 which is a one-off payment


  1. It lacks advanced features and comprehensive analytical tools (G2).
  2. Limited integration option (G2).
  3. Lack of flexibility in design features (G2).
  4. Limited choice of customized design (G2).
Landing page builders - illustration

Which Builder is the Best BeeFree Alternative?

When comparing Duda, the key features clearly show Convrrt has more to offer. The same applies when comparing Unlayer. Although BeeFree also has great options for software companies, there are several limitations, such as higher cost, limited customer support, and poor organization which makes creating folders and subfolders difficult.

However, Convrrt stands out as the best embeddable page builder among many BeeFree alternatives. Also, it contains the best and most comprehensive features necessary for the growth of a SaaS company whilst maximizing resources. 

The table below summarizes some of the key features that make Convrrt outstanding and the best BeeFree alternatives:

Key FeaturesConvrrtUnlayerDudaSimvolyLandingiWeblium
Advanced Responsive Designs✔️✔️ ✔️✔️
Built-in SEO✔️✔️✔️✔️
PCI, SOC 2, and GDPR compliantonly GDPRonly GDPRonly GDPRonly GDPR
99.999% uptime✔️✔️
User roles✔️
White-label solutions✔️✔️
Flexible pricing
Convrrt vs. Other Page Builders

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Frequently Asked Questions About BeeFree Alternatives

Here are some BeeFree alternatives frequently asked questions that you might find useful:

What should you consider before picking an alternative to BeeFree?

When considering a BeeFree alternative, these factors should be top of mind

  • Integration Compatibility: Ensure that the chosen alternative seamlessly integrates with existing tools and systems to avoid disruptions in workflow.
  • Scalability: Ensure the alternative can accommodate future growth and increased demands without compromising performance.
  • Flexibility: Ensure the alternatives offer flexible price plans that can accommodate your business’s changing needs just like the Convrrt Configurable plan

What is the best alternative to BeePro?

The best alternative to BeePro is Convrrt, which offers a redefined user experience with features such as responsive designs and a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Convrrt streamlines the creation of custom landing pages for both mobile and desktop platforms, ensuring accessibility without the need for extensive coding skills.

Is there a no-code landing page solution to consider?

Yes, there are several no-code landing page solutions to consider, such as Convrrt, Unlayer, Duda, Simvoly, Landingi, Weblium, etc with each of them offering varying features and functionalities. 

However, Convrrt stands out as an exceptional solution because it allows a no-code approach to building landing pages. You don’t need large development teams and resources to get started with Convrrt.


Give your engineering team the year off.

Convrrt is the fully customizable landing page builder made for SaaS.