Create Landing Pages Faster: April 2023 Page Builder Updates

The latest product updates to our landing page platform to create pages faster and capture more leads.

Do your users get stumped at writing copy for their landing pages?

If so, this month’s landing page builder updates are ones not to miss.

People who create landing pages juggle a few delicate needs:

  • Addressing audience needs and interests (copywriting)
  • Maintaining a consistent brand (branding)
  • Landing page best practices (page layout)
  • Capturing more leads (demand generation)

All of these require significant mental energy to accomplish. The latest updates to our landing page builder lower the effort to publish rock-solid landing pages. 

So, what’s new? Let’s dive into our latest landing page platform updates: 

🦾 AI Headline & Copy Generation

Go from staring at a blinking cursor to a captivating headline and copy in seconds. We’ve added in-line copy creation with the power of OpenAI. Convrrt examines your page content, even if it’s rough, to help suggest optimized copy for landing pages.

Unlike ChatGPT, users won’t have to log in, prepare their prompts, copy/paste stale headlines, and feel deflated. Now they can create landing pages faster with AI and Convrrt. 

🔀 Distinct Mobile & Desktop Content

Users occasionally need to point their audience to two different types of landing pages based on the device. This feature is ideal for “link in bio” social media campaigns. Using only one URL, the page has a big job of driving conversions and pointing users to helpful resources. 

Now users won’t have to juggle multiple page URLs. Now a page’s mobile and desktop versions can display distinct types of content. This capability is one example of the versatility available from Convrrt.

💾 Automatic Federated Brand & Content Changes

It’s rare company brands stay entirely rigid. Users routinely refine their brand assets and website headers and footers. We now skip the version control hassles and let users roll out the changes on their landing pages in just a few clicks. 

Rather than changing brand styles on every page, users can now update their colors, fonts, headers, and footers once. 

👁️ Pop-Up Builder Extends Beyond Landing Pages

Pop-ups help users capture and convert more traffic with an eye-catchy discount or exclusive content upgrade. This nifty pop-up feature now works on websites independently of landing pages. 

Rather than paying for a pop-up plugin like OptinMonster ($390), users can design and configure pop-ups effortlessly ($0).

🎨 Creative Subliminal Fluid Page Designs

The design has an undeniable effect on landing page conversions. As such, these pages are crucial in storytelling to visually direct users to aesthetically pleasing content sections. One enhancement we’ve added is the subliminal fluid designs with various background shapes.

Instead of boxing users into using the same layout, they can push the envelope with a visually striking page narrative.

These platform updates help users create effective landing pages faster. Software companies using Convrrt page builder can deploy these feature upgrades without additional engineering resources. 

What’s ahead? 

  • Certified Landing Page Templates – We’ll soon update our library of pre-built landing page templates certified to drive conversions by an independent marketing authority. Your users will love it!


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