Less Time, More Conversions: Spring 2023 Landing Page Platform Updates

The Convrrt engineering team has been busy making our white-label landing page builder even better.

Our Spring 2023 product update dramatically cuts down the time it takes to create beautiful, conversion-friendly landing pages. Oh, and these updates don’t require any extra product development resources.

Let’s dive into our newest landing page platform updates: 

✌️ Repeated headers and footers

If you’ve ever felt landing pages don’t feel like a part of your website, you’ll love this update. Users can upload their website’s header and footer, which will appear automatically on all landing pages. Want to go with a simpler lead-capture page? You can disable this feature on an individual page if desired.

🙌 Improved drag-and-drop functionality

Eliminate the guesswork to create pixel-perfect landing pages. Our page builder achieves the perfect balance of positioning content precisely where users want without any technical knowledge. Likewise, for mobile page versions, users can click the magic wand button (🪄) to adjust any misaligned components, so they align to the grid.

✅ Custom list iconography

In many cases, it’s better to list benefits and features visually besides a number or a bullet point. Users can choose a better icon to appear to the left of list items such as checkmarks, stars, squares, or bullet points in just a click. This minor detail enhances conversion readiness, so visitors instantly know the intended theme of a list.

🎨 Branding preferences

Calling all brand managers and marketing agencies — you have full control over all the colors, typography, font sizes/weights/spacing with branding preferences. These changes are federated on past, present, and future landing page templates. And you can manage multiple brand themes that fit for a company’s affiliated events, services, and products.

These enhancements benefit not only users but also the SaaS business. You can deliver more value from your product and grow revenues without increasing engineering costs.

What’s ahead? 

  • Struggling to write copy will be a thing of the past. We’ll soon help users create engaging headlines and descriptive copy on the fly in record time without third-party tools.
  • Drive urgency with interactive timers. We soon have a couple of neat countdown widgets to help visitors take action.


Give your engineering team the year off.

Convrrt is the fully customizable landing page builder made for SaaS.