The development of a Video Sales Letter can be a daunting task with no clear answer on what works best in which situation. Even worse is the need for a designer to help you place the video in a site in a way that will generate the most interest in your product.

In this post we will help you understand a few of the basics of VSL (Video Sales Letters), and more importantly, we will help you understand how to present it on a landing page.

Not a developer, or designer? No problem, we have you covered there as well. At the end we will provide you with a premade template that you can easily utilize to effectively present your VSL with very little effort.

Producing a Video Sales Letter (VSL) is one of the most effective ways of gaining trust with your visitors. When used correctly, VSL increases conversions, communication and consumer trust. We will be discussing why this is, how you can leverage sales letters, and how to present them to make a great first impression.

Building rapport

Before you can establish trust, you must grab your visitors attention. Your visitors end up paying more attention to movements and noise from a video than reading text on a page. We are more attentive and focused when both our hearing and visual senses are stimulated.

The most important part of the VSL is that it allows YOU to control the sales process.

Getting started on creating a VSL

While videos are inherently effective at increasing conversion rates, there are some things that you can do to optimize your VSL. We have put together a list of helpful items to keep in mind when creating a landing page to present your VSL campaign that inspires trust, and ultimately converts.

Don’t — show too much text around your video

Have you ever tried to make a decision at the Cheesecake Factory? It is nearly impossible, certainly not for the easily frustrated. The more choices people have, the longer they take to make a decision. The longer people have to make a decision, they also have the same time to re-think their decision to even use your product. Let’s face it, if figuring out your message is too difficult, how difficult will your product be to use? It may not be very difficult in reality, however a new visitor probably won’t give it the chance to find out.

Watching the video should be the main action that you want visitors to take on your landing page. What works well, is showing additional information or content about your product below the player. Generally it is best to wait until after the visitor has had the opportunity to watch a majority of the video.

This photo is an example of distracting content, users will not trust you or your content with a format such as this. How many times have you backed out of a site that looks just like this? Click on that link? I really don’t want malicious content, thanks though.

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Do — optimize videos for SEO

Because many businesses neglect to optimize videos for search engine optimization (SEO) properly, it is much easier to reach page number one of Google search results with a video than it is with a web page.

There are a few simple measures that you can take to get the greatest return on investment (ROI) due to low video competition in search engines.

Do — show a video that lasts between 12–24 minutes

Your VSL is the most direct form of communication with your prospects. You can directly convey the features and benefits of your products, so your customers understand what your products do, and why they should buy them. Find a way to keep the video between 12–24 minutes. Videos longer than that have been shown to have a higher drop off rate, resulting in fewer conversions. Keep it short and to the point, think about how long you would bother to watch a video thrown in your face that you may or may not have interest in.

Do — place the video top and center

At Convrrt, we have found the optimal placement of videos to be ones placed on the top and center of landing pages. These outperform videos of similar or same content when placed at the bottom of the page. Our experience shows, that when visitors see videos on the top center of the page, visitors tend to be more engaged with the information presented to them. Videos far on the sides, or in the bottom right are associated with ads and receive fewer views due to current ad placement in our information driven culture.

Don’t — show video controllers

The best way to ensure your message is received in the correct order, disable the video controls. Visitors will want to skip to the end by nature, just to figure out how much your product will cost them. Doing so, they skip over the full value of your product and may be turned away by simply seeing the price tag. When the controls are disabled, you remove the ability for users to control the order in which your message is received.

Do — auto play the video

Setting autoplay on your video will welcome your visitors to your site. Doing so will capture their attention and make them feel as though you have an important message to convey to them before they continue through your site, or leave it all together. Visitors will have a higher likelihood of hearing what you have to say and possibly pique their interest.

Appropriate video tone for your company

If you’re wondering if your video should be funny, serious, or somewhere in between, don’t worry too much. All you need to do is keep your video informative and simple. Remember however, you are looking for a tone that is appropriate for your product. It probably is not the best idea to have a funny video showcasing gravestones. Most importantly, keep in mind that your goal isn’t to make the next viral video. This process will will take you a couple tries to figure out what works best for you, but it will become easier over time.

Feeling a little inspired?

Convrrt offers a VSL Smart Site, that is a fully responsive landing page template designed for your next ecommerce or lead generation offer. As always, you can utilize your current email lists to drive traffic to your site, or take advantage of a paid service to maximize the effectiveness of this Smart Site.